Stop. Think!

In the Australian news this morning: ‘Hundreds of Australian women are mutilating their genitals each year by having cosmetic surgery driven by pornography, gynaecologists say.’ (The Age.)

In the British News this morning: ‘A nurse has been found guilty of manslaughter after causing a baby’s death by botching his circumcision.’ (BBC News.)

I suspect many will pooh-pooh the first – I know I did: ‘How crazy is it to undergo surgery to improve the appearance of something very few people are going to see?’ / ‘How relevant are the aesthetics of a vagina?’ / etc.

I wonder how many will see the second story as just another version of the first?

I know I’m treading hallowed ground here, but as much as I care about people’s sensibilities, I care more about babies who are subjected unnecessary and painful procedures. Please put aside your holy book, if you have one, and think about it for a minute. Many of us believe it’s unthinkable to circumcise a girl. If so, why is it okay to do it to a baby boy?

We live in the twenty-first century. We have soap, we have water, I hope we have compassion. Isn’t it time to stop hurting kids for the sake of tradition? Is there really a huge difference between genital surgery for pornographic aesthetics or religious belief? Really?

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