Loving the backlash

I dunno about you, but I’m loving the taste of the recent tide of feeling that I’ve felt rising in cyberspace. I’m talking about things like:

I’m with Jennifer Livingston who took to task on air an emailer who called her fat and reminds us of what we really should be teaching our daughters about body image and self-esteem:

  • Julia Gillard going nuclear at Tony Abbott for his rampant hypocrisy, misogyny and sexism. I’m not a fan of Joooolya*. But neither am I of Tony and I took mean pleasure in watching the smile wiped off his smug face during the course of Jooools’s tirade.  It was with even meaner pleasure that I noticed his uncomfortable shifting from buttock cheek to cheek towards the end when he realised his political goose was getting distinctly charred.

    Do yourself a favour and if you haven’t already watched the footage, grab a cuppa and go here:

 I’m with Mrs Woog on this one. See http://www.woogsworld.com/2012/10/anyone-else-had-enough.html

[And, by the way on the subject of sexism: to those hoons who catcalled my twelve-year-old daughter from the safety of their car this week: shame on you! I know she’s pretty, but seriously, boys, she’s twelve! And if you don’t rein in your sexist, female objectification, I warn you: she’s one belt away from black and I’m going to teach her not to hold back in the face of such behaviour.]

*I find Joooolya’s stance on gay marriage and her self-awarded pay rise particularly bitter pills to swallow.

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